What We Do

ExploitZero have carefully selected innovative security companies who have proven credentials that will help organisations in the Middle East protect against advanced malware and zero day threats. Cyber-attacks are known to cause huge financial, reputational and operational damage. Do you want to be the next headline?
Information is your greatest asset but your biggest risk.

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Traditional, signature based, Anti Virus products are often viewed as the primary defense of your endpoints. Yet when ExploitZero speak to organisations they say their endpoints are the primary cause of their most significant security problems. ExploitZero view endpoint security as a multilayered problem and innovation is required to compliment proven solutions that will shrink your endpoints attack surface without impacting the productivity of your users.

Anti Virus

NESA, SANS and ISO agree that malware protection is a primary and critical control in the fight against Zero Day Exploits. The question is; does your current Anti Virus solution slow everything down, do you feel protected from advanced threats that evade signature based solutions or expensive sandboxes? Why keep believing in old security technology that is lagging behind cyber criminals who've been beating it for years? ExploitZero works with the leaders of next generation Anti Virus who understand we live in a world where performance, machine learning, prediction, and behavior are critical factors in protecting you from Zero Day attacks..

Application Control

Do you know what all of your users are doing, do they have the freedom to download anything they want, can they make registry or system changes without your knowledge or approval, if they click on a phishing email will it execute? Perhaps you've disabled local admin privileges, how do you then support remote workers, senior managers, admins or application specialists who need to perform legitimate tasks? ExploitZero supply solutions that add an important layer of protection that compliments your existing AV solution.

Two Factor Authentication

Are you concerned about remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to takeover your accounts? If you're not then you should be, Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) found that 95 percent of breaches involve the exploitation of stolen credentials. ExpolitZero work with the leading supplier of 2FA who combine intuitive usability with advanced security features to protect against the latest attack methods.

Mobile Device Management

Do you allow your employees to access corporate data via mobile devices, do you let employees use their own device or not restrict the devices you provide them with? You are not alone, many organisations ignore the threat from Mobile Devices. ExploitZero deliver highly effective security that protects your corporate data but leaves a users personal data in its original format.