What We Do

ExploitZero have carefully selected innovative security companies who have proven credentials that will help organisations in the Middle East protect against advanced malware and zero day threats. Cyber-attacks are known to cause huge financial, reputational and operational damage. Do you want to be the next headline?
Information is your greatest asset but your biggest risk.

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Do you have full Visibility into what’s happening in your network, can you control how devices act when they join it, what access does a mobile device receive when you grant it access to your corporate network? The latest Verizon breach report estimates that 68% of breaches could have been prevented if simple patches we’re up-to-date, devices were managed effectively or configuration was consistent to internally recognized standards.

Vulnerability Management

Do you know the version of every client, server, switch, database and application, can you be sure you know about every asset that belongs to each VLAN, can you quickly patch against newly identified exploits? Don't worry you're not alone, one of the biggest issues security professionals face is gaining meaningful visibility into 'what is happening' in their environment and being able to react to this information. Providing context to this mass of information and prioritising what needs to be fixed first is something ExploitZero can help you with.

Penetration Testing

Your mission critical systems will have layers of security products that you believe will protect the information that makes your organisation tick. ExploitZero can run advanced attack profiles to identify where security improvements can be made.

Patch Management

Cybercriminals can scan your environment and identify the easiest point of entry, this usually is an unpatched machines. To keep up with the latest versions of the myriad of applications that modern organisations used is a complex and time consuming task. Automating the application of patches provides a layer of protection that will make a hacker find an easier organisation to attack.

Network Access Control

The Internet of Things is a buzz word that ExpolitZero steer clear of but the reality of modern computing is the volume and complexity of the devices that join your network are growing rapidly. Can you control the devices that enter your network and what happens when they do gain access? ExpolitZero work with 3rd generation NAC technology that innovatively secures access to your network but preserves the users experience.