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ExploitZero have carefully selected innovative security companies who have proven credentials that will help organisations in the Middle East protect against advanced malware and zero day threats. Cyber-attacks are known to cause huge financial, reputational and operational damage. Do you want to be the next headline?
Information is your greatest asset but your biggest risk.

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Most people store their valuables in a safe or safety deposit box, physical security relating to how your possessions are secured is varied, layered and strong. The only difference with your servers is that cyber criminals have many more choices in how to get in and have become extremely sophisticated with their methods to steal your most critical data. ExploitZero rely on a new generation of innovative solutions to ensure Zero Day Malware doesn't leave you with an embarrassing and costly breach.

Security Information and Event Management

Do you struggle to correlate security events and general event information from multiple tools, is complete visibility into what’s happening in your environment important to you, are you able to detect and alert to malicious behavior by analyzing, correlating and normalising logs from multiple sources? ExploitZero work with an innovator who have a real-time solution providing analysis of security alerts generated by collecting, analyzing and presenting information from network and security devices; identity and access management applications; vulnerability management and policy compliance tools; operating system, database and application logs; and external threat data.

Privilege Identity Management

Privilege Identities are the 'keys to your kingdom' and they exist on virtually every asset within your organisation including servers, network devices, workstations, business applications, databases, web services on premise and the cloud.

Unmanaged privileged identities can be exploited by both insiders and external attackers. If they are not monitored, held accountable and actively controlled then malicious insiders, including system administrators, can steal sensitive information or cause significant damage to systems. ExploitZero can secure, audit, alert and record access to any privilege account with minimal impact on the way your administrators currently operate.

Data Multi-scanning

Do you utilise multiple Anti-Virus solutions? Does your SIEM correlate data from disparate security systems but not make proactive decisions, are you concerned that threats may be stopped by one solution but missed by another? ExploitZero can implement a highly innovative solution for data workflow that delivers advanced threat protection through scanning for known threats with more than 40 anti-malware engines, sanitizing data to prevent unknown threats.

Web Application Security

We all rely on web applications to power our business but do you have any visibility into the vulnerabilities these solutions bring to your door? 87% of web applications don't comply with OWASP top 10. If we know this then bad actors will too. ExploitZero can work with you to secure the applications that make your business tick.

Secure Email Gateway

Email is at the centre of the way we communicate, it's also in full view of hackers who are well versed in exposing the vulnerabilities which are inherent with outdated signature based products. ExploitZero can close this gaping hole and defend, protect and govern your most valuable data using technology to block spam and malware, prevent phishing, data loss, encrypt information and securely archive email.

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

Intellectual property and proprietary data is at the centre of your business. How do you ensure that users or applications do not send sensitive information outside the corporate network without your knowledge or permission? ExploitZero can mitigate this risk by providing deep visibility, fine-grained control and the industry’s broadest data loss protection coverage to stop sensitive data from leaving your organisation without your knowledge or approval.