How We Do It

Complex security solutions require specialists to configure them in order to meet your specific needs and match your environment. ExploitZero often talk to organisations that acquire the latest solution but are left disappointed when the local technician doesn’t have the skills to install it correctly. This is where ExploitZero excel. ExploitZero can bring to life a product that's never worked in the way you thought it should and only supply solutions which they are the masters of. ExploitZero’ services range from infrastructure reviews, configuration auditing, technology evaluation and selection, technical design, technical deployment, resident engineers, 24/7 support as well as education and training.

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If your existing or new information security solution requires our expert attention after the initial project has finished then ExploitZero can proactively monitor your systems to ensure the technology installed is running as intended and provide support when and how you need it.

Warranty and Maintenance Services

Direct local support is sadly missing from the majority of information security companies who sell into our region. ExploitZero can help you protect your investments by extending the manufacturer's warranty for virtually all information security categories.

Managed Services

If your security team identifies the need to install a complex information security solution but don’t have the capacity to support it then outsourcing it is something that you should consider but leave to the experts. ExploitZero can help you manage your organization's IT infrastructure, whether it's located in your data centre or ours we can even support applications in the public cloud. Get in touch if you want to know more about our aggregation, infrastructure and managed services?


Support is at the heart of ExploitZero’ business, even after we’ve carefully selected the right solution for you and installed it to meet your security strategy, we are available to help you with changes in your environment or updates to your security strategy. ExploitZero also understand products can fail and always at the most inconvenient time. ExploitZero’ methodology is to log, track and update support tickets on our portal with pre-defined service level agreements to ensure security and infrastructure availability.