How We Do It

Complex security solutions require specialists to configure them in order to meet your specific needs and match your environment. ExploitZero often talk to organisations that acquire the latest solution but are left disappointed when the local technician doesn’t have the skills to install it correctly. This is where ExploitZero excel. ExploitZero can bring to life a product that's never worked in the way you thought it should and only supply solutions which they are the masters of. ExploitZero’ services range from infrastructure reviews, configuration auditing, technology evaluation and selection, technical design, technical deployment, resident engineers, 24/7 support as well as education and training.

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There is a plethora of information giving our industry advice on the right information security solution. Some products are aimed at large enterprise, some suit specific situations; some are designed for a certain industry. ExploitZero only design solutions that match your objectives and work within your existing infrastructure. ExploitZero can recommend relevant technologies and services, document technical architecture, deployment plans, success criteria, budgets and timelines.

Information Technology Strategy Development

Information security investments are made for a variety of reasons, don't fall into the trap of thinking it won't happen to you or buy something for a quick fix. If your servers hold your intellectual property or end points power your organisation then prioritise a sensible, layered security strategy for these assets. After assessing and documenting your business objectives, IT environment, risk, budget and more, ExploitZero build a comprehensive strategy.

System/Architectural Design

Security solutions need to fit in with your existing environment and often architectural changes are required to enhance efficiency and security. ExploitZero will utilize their vast experience of both operating systems, databases, applications and networking to ensure the security solution that meets your needs and works effectively in your environment. ExploitZero account for existing infrastructure, required integration from legacy systems, and vendor partners' product road maps.

Deployment Planning

ExploitZero understand that productivity is of upmost importance when deploying security technology. Sound deployment planning ensures that a leading solution isn’t rejected because operations can’t do their job effectively. ExploitZero can work with you to create a detailed project plan and implementation road map that minimizes risk and potential downtime.

Technical Evaluation

It’s important to technically evaluate any new solution you’re considering. At ExploitZero we’re primed to support you in this process in the form of technical workshop, proof of concept or paper based evaluation. ExploitZero can test all of their security products in a controlled environment, leveraging your infrastructure or ExploitZero's Technology Experience Centre.