How We Do It

Complex security solutions require specialists to configure them in order to meet your specific needs and match your environment. ExploitZero often talk to organisations that acquire the latest solution but are left disappointed when the local technician doesn’t have the skills to install it correctly. This is where ExploitZero excel. ExploitZero can bring to life a product that's never worked in the way you thought it should and only supply solutions which they are the masters of. ExploitZero’ services range from infrastructure reviews, configuration auditing, technology evaluation and selection, technical design, technical deployment, resident engineers, 24/7 support as well as education and training.

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The transition from selection to deployment is a process ExploitZero handle seamlessly. ExploitZero’ professional service team will work with you to create and execute against a plan that delivers the solution or project in the way it’s been agreed. Qualified project leaders will ensure product fulfilment is swift, configuration objectives created, broad-scale implementation delivered, integration’s organised and the right level of training provided to your team.

Product Acquisition Services

It’s frustrating when a solution has been sold or project agreed then you’re presented with a list of items to purchase that should have been included with the original agreement. ExploitZero will scope, acquire and deliver all of the relevant on-premises hardware, software, licensing agreements and as-a-service offerings required to deliver the solution or project that’s been contracted.

Implementation Services

ExploitZero only employ subject matter experts who have vast experience in the solutions they’re certified in. ExploitZero’ engineers are part of a professional process with implementation following assessment and management stages. ExploitZero’s technical deployment includes a detailed scope of work, a detailed technical design as well as a detailed project plan which ensures all our projects deliver on time, on budget and meet the needs of the business.

Training Services

Training services are often an afterthought in information security deployments. ExploitZero place training as a vital part of any installation. ExploitZero would like to empower your organisation to understand any solution that’s deployed. ExploitZero will equip your team with the knowledge to confidently administer and support your new investment, with a range of awareness and training options from class room based sessions, on the job knowledge transfer to computer based training. ExploitZero can also provide training for solutions they’ve not sold, you may have acquired an information security solution that works but you want to get the best out of it, ExploitZero can help.